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Manzi Jackson is a contemporary visual Artist based in Kigali, Rwanda. He dabbles in surrealist and magical concepts, displayed in his ability to portray the full magical breadth of his subjects with breathtaking, colourful technique.

He’s currently focusing on a body of portrait and figurative works depicting dreamy energy that draws us into a rich and vibrant realm.


His use of flower draped muses in astronaut suits are characterized in a series of artworks expressing a vibrant spirit in otherworldly atmosphere, as the subjects are manifestations visiting us from alternate, often futuristic realities, taking us on a cosmic journey and making us wonder about worlds that lie beyond our own.



2016 - 2017 _ “Transfigured. “ Innovation Village. Kigali, Rwanda


2013 _ Martin Luther King’s speech “I have a dream”. US Embassy Rwanda.


2015 _ “Spontaneous Rhythm”. Ivuka Arts, Kigali-Rwanda.


2015 _ “CAPSC (Creating Art For Positive Social Change)” – US Embassy Rwanda.


2016 _ “Dans les yeux de l’artiste” – Umubano Hotel, Kigali – Rwanda


2018 _ “German – Rwandan Fusion”. Goethe Institute Kigali.


2019 _ “Mumasangano”, School of Architecture, Kigali-Rwanda.


2019 _ “Afrotopism”. GIZ, Kigali- Rwanda

2020 _ “Black Canvas”. Disrupt Space, London, United Kingdom


2020 _ “Kwetu”. City Hall, London, United Kingdom.


 2020 _ “SPACE & MIND” Virtual Exhibition, Kigali, Rwanda.


 2021 _ Art, Humans & Universe + - Kuuru Art Space Kiagli

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